Mission and Vision


The mission of the educational institution "RMU" is to train healthcare professionals who will serve as guardians of the health of their country's population. This mission is based on the internationalization of medical education, integration of practice, science, and innovation.



The university aims to be a compact institution in the field of medicine in Kyrgyzstan. It seeks to unite educational and scientific potential, ensuring high-quality education for both Kyrgyz and foreign students. The university is committed to collaborative development and implementation of modern technology-intensive approaches for advancing medicine and addressing socio-cultural and educational challenges in the regions.

The university is engaged in educational activities in the field of higher professional education, specifically in the field of "Medicine." To accomplish its goals, the university aims to implement an educational, scientific, and innovative policy based on the following principles:

  • Integration of scientific and educational processes.
  • Diversification of innovative, educational, and scientific programs.
  • Support for leading scientists and scientific-pedagogical collectives capable of providing high-quality education and conducting research.
  • Concentration of resources on priority areas of medical research, conducting complete research and development cycles that culminate in the graduation of modern medical specialists.
  • Support for information activities in medicine and healthcare.
  • Development of youth initiatives.
  • Integration of medical science and education into the international community.