Department of Morphological and Fundamental Disciplines

The Department of Morphological and Fundamental Disciplines at Royal Metropolitan University plays a key role in preparing future medical professionals. This department is responsible for teaching foundational sciences such as anatomy, histology, embryology, and cytology.

The Department of Morphological Fundamental Disciplines consists of professors, associate professors, and instructors who specialize in various fields of medical science. They conduct lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions, and practical classes, helping students deepen their knowledge of the structure and functional aspects of the human body.

Additionally, the department is also involved in scientific research in the fields of anatomy, histology, embryology, and cytology, contributing to the expansion of knowledge in medical science and practice.

Sataev Choro Bolotbekovich

PH.D. in Medicine

Head of the Department

Berenova Zhazgul  Berenovna


Baishukurov Elzar Erkinbekovich


Dzhumanalieva Daria Aleksandrovna


Ilgiz Tashbolotovich Mamasadykov


Zhalilova Ajnagul Abdisalanovna

Ph.D. in Biology

Assistant Professor


Дисциплины Семестр
1. Chemistry 1
2. Normal anatomy 1, 2
3. Normal physiology 1, 2
4. General and clinical biochemistry 2, 3
5. Pathological anatomy,clinical pathological anatomy 3, 4
6. Pathological physiology 3, 4
7. Histology, embryology,
1, 2
8. Molecular Biology 2
9. Microbiology Virology and Immunology 3, 4
10. Topographic anatomy 3
11. Bioethics 5
12. Medical ethics 2
13. Public health and health protection 3
14. Pathological anatomy 6
15. Health protection management 3
16. Medical genetics  7
17. Health Economics 4
18. Biosafety and biosecurity in medicine  4
19. Medical parasitology 4