Department of Clinical Disciplines

The Department of Clinical Disciplines at Royal Metropolitan University is a structural division of the university dedicated to educating medical students on the clinical aspects of medicine. The department focuses on providing students with practical skills and knowledge required for working with patients in a clinical setting.

The tasks of the Department of Clinical Disciplines include:

1. Student Education: The department offers students both basic and specialized knowledge regarding clinical aspects of diseases, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. This encompasses the study of clinical anatomy, physiology, pathology, and other medical disciplines.

2. Practical Training: The department organizes clinical practices, internships, and patient-oriented training. Students gain hands-on experience working with real patients under the supervision of experienced physicians.

3. Collaboration with Clinics: The department has partnerships and agreements with clinics and hospitals where students undertake their practical training, as well as with teaching hospitals where clinical research is conducted.

Dadabaev Azim Mirsabyrovich

Head of the Department

# Дисциплины Семестр
1. Chemistry 1
2. Normal anatomy 1, 2
3. Normal physiology 1, 2
4. General and clinical biochemistry 2, 3


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