Natural and humanitarian disciplines department

By order of the rector of the OU RMU 2020 of the Roel Metropolitan University the Department of Natural and Humanities Disciplines (DNHD) was organized at the Faculty of Medicine, and acting head of the department was Associated Professor Isakova A. At the time of the formation of the department there was the following teaching staff: a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor; a candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, acting Associate Professor; an associate professor; 5 senior instructors.

The teaching staff of the DNHD department is staffed by specialists with basic specialized education and extensive experience in their activities.

Currently, the department is headed by senior lecturer, Subanov M. 


Subanov Mirlanbek Turdubekovich

Head of the Department
Senior Lecturer

Asanalieva Gulmira Bakashevna

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Assistant Professor


Ilyazov Sapar


Erkebulanova Salyj Dzhusuevna

Assistant Professor

Physical education teacher

Kambarova Nurgul

Senior Lecturer

# Disciplines Term
1. Kyrgyz language 1, 2, 3
2. Russian language 1, 2, 3, 4
3. Latin 1
4. History of Kyrgyzstan 1
5. History of medicine 2
6. Philosophy 1
7. Mathematics and computer science 1
8. Medical law 3
9. Physics 1
10. Information technology of medicine 2, 3
11. Physical culture 1, 2