About RMU

The educational institution "RMU" was established in 2019. The main focus in creating the "RMU" institution was placed on establishing a modern and dynamic educational establishment that ensures high-quality training of personnel and provides students with a recognized international-level educational program.

Only citizens of foreign countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. are enrolled in "RMU." Due to this, the instruction is conducted in the English language.

The structure of "RMU" is organized according to principles that correspond to international standards for medical educational institutions. Such organizational practices allow the university to pursue external and internal policies based on principles of transparency, academic integrity, and enable the staff, faculty, and students of "RMU" to participate in various aspects of university life.

At present, the structure of "RMU" consists of two faculties: "Medicine" and "Dentistry," as well as four departments.


ОУ «РМУ» была создана в 2019 году. Основной акцент при создании ОУ «РМУ» был сделан на создание современного динамичного учебного заведения, обеспечивающего высокое качество подготовки кадров и обладающего студентов по признанной образовательной программе международного уровня.  
В ОУ «РМУ» обучаются только граждане иностранных государств: Индии, Пакистана, Афганистана, Непал, Бангладеш и т.д. В связи с этим обучение ведется на английском языке. 

Структура ОУ «РМУ» организована по принципам, соответствующим международным стандартам для медицинских образовательных учреждений. Подобная организация деятельности университета позволяет проводить внешнюю и внутреннюю политику на принципах прозрачности, академической честности и позволяет сотрудникам, профессорско-преподавательскому составу и студентам ОУ «РМУ»» принимать участие во многих аспектах жизни ВУЗа. 
На настоящее время структурно ОУ «РМУ» состоит из 2-х факультетов «Лечебное дело», «Стоматология» и 4 кафедр.




Kulusheva Gulbara Abdyldaevna

Dear students of the educational institution of

"Royal Metropolitan University"!

I warmly welcome you to the new academic year! We are glad to see you here and proud that you have chosen the path of medical education. Your decision to dedicate yourself to this noble profession inspires respect and admiration.

Medical science and practice are constantly evolving, and your knowledge and skills will be of immense value for the future of healthcare. You will become those who help patients find health and hope, those who explore new methods of treatment and ways of preventing diseases.

Your education will be intensive and at times may present challenges, but remember that every step on this path brings you closer to your goal. Do not hesitate to ask questions, seek support from your teachers and fellow students. Collaboration and knowledge sharing will make your educational program more productive and interesting.

Furthermore, do not forget to take care of yourselves. Medical university studies require not only intellectual efforts but also physical and emotional endurance. Engage in sports, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and pay attention to your emotions.

We are proud of your achievements and believe in you. Together, we will create an academic environment where knowledge, creativity, and human relationships are valued above all. Become the best professionals who will make the world healthier and safer.

May this academic year bring you lots of new knowledge, interesting discoveries, and unforgettable moments. Good luck to you, dear students!

Sincerely, Kulusheva Gulbara Abdyldaevna

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