Training of doctors – public health defenders of their countries, through the internationalization of health education, the integration of practice, science and innovation.

Strategical targets of the educational organization

EI “RMU” has its own developing strategy for 2020-2023 y. and strategy implementation program.

The strategical development of EI “RMU” is aimed to an international recognition with a purely business reputation, providing a high level of training for graduates who are competitive both within and outside the country.


The University is a compact medical institution in Kyrgyzstan, on the basis of which it is possible to combine educational and scientific potential and guarantee high-quality education to Kyrgyz and foreign students, joint development and introduction of modern science-intensive technologies for the development of medicine and for solving the socio-cultural and educational problems of the regions.

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

Diverse Food & Appetite

Campus provides hostel facility for male & female students, priority for accommodation at the hostels along with mess. Requests for hostel accommodation from students of affiliated colleges is considered only subject to availability of accommodation.
Our mess include breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of healthy and most hygienic appetite. Eating in the hostel mess is mandatory for the students, you may choose what you like.

Campus Gym & Fitness Center

Students who visit campus gyms are more likely to succeed in the classroom, according to the new study. The health and safety of our students is our highest priority. We’ve introduced an extensive deep-cleaning process, social distancing practices and other safety measures to help protect our students within the gym.

Free Library Access

RMU multisory, 800-seat library features a large, expanding collection of medical texts and journals, and extensive online resources. While universal Wi-Fi lets students work from their own laptops, computer terminals are also available for use. The Library features numerous small group study rooms and private sections for individuals, providing students with a quiet,distraction-free environment to focus on their studies.

Rector's Message

Kenzhaev Makhamdzhan


Modern times require highly qualified and competitive specialists, which can be achieved only through quality education, Being one the oldest universities of kyrgyzstan, Royal Metropolitan Medical University provides classical education with due regard to modern tendencies. Royal Metropolitan Medical University is center for international science and education, have gained worldwide recognition. We are committed to building international, friendly and supportive community that is devoted to student success and values individual learning, growth and service. The Faculty of Medicine at Royal Metropolitan Medical University aims to support
and develop the leaders who improve the health of Kyrgyz and communities worldwide. At the core of our mission is a commitment to constantly seek to improve what we do and strive to do our best. The Faculty of Medicine has recently highlighted the core values which are fundamental to our mission. It is up to each of us to support these values:
service through respect, collaboration excellence, compassion, integrity, altruism, empathy, wellness and equity.
Welcome to Royal Metopolitan Medical University!

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