Admission 2023

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Admission 2023

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ОУ «РМУ» была создана в 2019 году. Основной акцент при создании ОУ «РМУ» был сделан на создание современного динамичного учебного заведения, обеспечивающего высокое качество подготовки кадров и обладающего студентов по признанной образовательной программе международного уровня.  
В ОУ «РМУ» обучаются только граждане иностранных государств: Индии, Пакистана, Афганистана, Непал, Бангладеш и т.д. В связи с этим обучение ведется на английском языке. 

Структура ОУ «РМУ» организована по принципам, соответствующим международным стандартам для медицинских образовательных учреждений. Подобная организация деятельности университета позволяет проводить внешнюю и внутреннюю политику на принципах прозрачности, академической честности и позволяет сотрудникам, профессорско-преподавательскому составу и студентам ОУ «РМУ»» принимать участие во многих аспектах жизни ВУЗа. 
На настоящее время структурно ОУ «РМУ» состоит из 2-х факультетов «Лечебное дело», «Стоматология» и 4 кафедр.

Library features numerous small group study rooms and private sections for individuals, providing students with a quiet, distraction-free environment to focus on their studies. RMU multisory, 800-seat library with expanding collection of medical texts and journals & extensive online resources.
Staff & Faculty
Most of RMU’s staff was trained in leading medical centers of Russian and Pakistan Medical Federation and At present, RMU has 230 staff members with 12% being doctors of medical sciences and 33% – candidates of medical sciences, 7% – senior instructors, and 48%- instructors.
Student Support
You’ll find the academic advising and tutoring, physician mentorship, training on well-being skill from our supporting & co-operative faculty.
University Life
Moving forward from traditional teaching methodology to more advance and modern teaching approach. Our curriculum will help you develop a deeper understanding of patients and their care from the cellular to the societal level.

Royal metropolitan

RMU is creating Formation of personnel potential – competitive and in-demand experts in the national and international labor markets; achieving a qualitatively new level in the formation of national and world citizens as well as high standards in the sustainable development of society through the transfer and enhancement of knowledge





Hospital Beds





Alan Jasper

Semester 4 student
I am a student of Royal Metropolitan University which I am proud to consider my second home as this institute has not only provided me with best quality of education but also it has been helping me become a better person in life. I am proud to say that I have chosen the best Institute where I am certain of my future being secured.

Altaf Umair

Semester 7 student
Our university is one of the best universities in Bishkek. All the teachers are very friendly towards the students. And the teaching in our university is also very good.

Baber Muhammad Siddique

Semester 7 student
I'm a student of Royal Metropolitan Medical University. This is the fastest growing university these days. The university has its own building and is affiliated with 9 hospitals and also has its own anatomical Lab. Be a part of Royal. Enter to learn and leave to serve the nation. Proud to be a Royal Doctor.

Jaykishan Chandarana

Semester student
I am 5th year medical student of RMU. So it was really good experience with RMU university contractor is very supportive and helpful for Indian there is Indian as well as for Pakistani there is Pakistani contractors all are great and very kind in nature. Teacher and all the departments staf is very kind they all are ready to help any time overall very supportive and good atmosphere for students overall.

Muhammad Akif Junaid

Semester 6 student
Royal Metropolitan is one of the best universities in Kyrgyzstan, located in the capital city of Bishkek. Royal Metropolitan is registered with the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) and accredited by both the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and (IAAR).

Muhammad Huzaifa

Semester 4 student
Our university is very good. Staff is very polite and cooperative. Our university is affiliated with 5 hospitals for clinical rotations.


Semester 9 student
I am Sagar, from Uttarpradesh, India, I am a student of MBBS 5th year (9th sem) in Royal metropolitan university located in bishkek, It is one of the nicest NMC & WHO recognized university in kyrgyzstan, all infrastructure is very good & all staff is very cooperative specially Dr. Farman malik, He is very helpful. And all the teachers are very good and well qualified.

Жизнь студента

Royal Qalandars won the 1st season of Royal Premier League

Royal Qalandars won the 1st season of Royal Premier League.

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RMU Celebrates International Students Day

RMU Celebrates International Students Day.

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Dr.Zeeshan Noor Malik Visited Royal Metropolitan Medical University

Dr.Zeeshan Noor Malik Founder and Patron in Chief of Justice For FMGs & PIMSA international Visited Royal Metropolitan Medical University Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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There are 2 types of student's room. Basic and Premium. In the Basic, 6 students can live, while in Premium maximum 2 students.

Conducting entrance examinations by the Institute - July 20-25, 2023

Applicants can apply using the super service "Admission to the university online" through the our website.
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