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Royal Metropolitan University is a place which follows a completely new and modern approach to the teaching methods of young doctors. To create our educational platform, we use International study plans, have established the powerful library with worldwide famous textbooks, have invited the most prominent professors who see medicine in a new light and are ready to spread their experience and those who are willing to teach and raise a new generation of successful doctors. We are one of the leading, most diverse medical university in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Royal Metropolitan University, was established in Bishkek capital city of Kyrgyzstan situated in the center of the city. 

Library features numerous small group study rooms and private sections for individuals, providing students with a quiet, distraction-free environment to focus on their studies. RMU multisory, 800-seat library with expanding collection of medical texts and journals & extensive online resources.
Staff & Faculty
Most of RMU’s staff was trained in leading medical centers of Russian and Pakistan Medical Federation and At present, RMU has 230 staff members with 12% being doctors of medical sciences and 33% – candidates of medical sciences, 7% – senior instructors, and 48%- instructors.
Student Support
You’ll find the academic advising and tutoring, physician mentorship, training on well-being skill from our supporting & co-operative faculty.
University Life
Moving forward from traditional teaching methodology to more advance and modern teaching approach. Our curriculum will help you develop a deeper understanding of patients and their care from the cellular to the societal level.

Royal metropolitan

RMU is creating Formation of personnel potential – competitive and in-demand experts in the national and international labor markets; achieving a qualitatively new level in the formation of national and world citizens as well as high standards in the sustainable development of society through the transfer and enhancement of knowledge





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Ahmed Vedan

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Dinara Adis

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